2020 Luncheon Presentations

Jeff Pinsky and Dianna Ramirez, USACE Galveston District, January 16th presentation, Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study, is available herePDF

Briana Gallagher, SJRA Flood Management Division, February 20th presentation, Mission and Projects of SJRA's new Flood Management Division, is available herePDF

Matt Stahman, Director,  Regulatory for Resource Environmental Solutions (RES), May 21st presentation, The Contentious Definition of WOTUS: Past, Present and Potential Future, is available herePDF and the recording is available here

Gary Cacciatore, Business Development Manager / TDL Product Specialist, CEMTEK KVB-Enertec, June 18th presentation, Utilizing Cross Stack Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) and Differential Optical Absorption Spectroscopy (DOAS) Technology for EPA compliance on NH3, NOx, SO2, CO2 and CO, is available herePDF and the recording was removed at presenter's request.

Dr. Latrice Babin, Director, Harris County Pollution Control Services Department and Jeff Saitas, Partner at Saitas and Seales/ Former Executive Director at the TCEQ, July 16th Joint AWMA-GCC TAEP Regulatory Update, Normalization of the Abnormal: Looking at the Pandemic, the Economy, and the Regulatory Environment in Texas, slides for Dr. Babin are available herePDF, slides for Mr. Saitas are available herePDF, and the recording is available here

Mona Hazur, Principal Environmental Scientist, Arcadis U.S., August 20th presentation, Bridging the Data Flow Gap in Environmental Compliance and Reporting is available herePDF, and the recording is available here

Seth Kellogg, Principal Geologist, and Lori Carter, Principal, Geosyntec Consultants, October 15th presentation, Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) Awareness and Management for Texas is available here and the Q&A is available here soon, unfortunately we had issues with the recording and it is not available.

Madelyn Morgan, Conservation Program Coordinator, Circular Economy Program, Austin Resource Recovery, City of Austin, November 19th presentation, [Re]Verse Pitch:  Giving Byproducts a Second Life Through Entrepreneurship, is available herePDF, and the recording is available  here.  Additionally she included some links: [Re]Verse PitchAustin’s Circular Economy StoryCircular Economy ‘meet-ups’ (first event on Dec 2)More information about Austin's Circular Economy Program, and Ellen MacArthur Circular Economy explainer video

Thomas Pommier, Office of Sustainability, City of Houston, December 17th presentation, Update on the Houston Climate Action Plan, is available herePDF, and the recording is available   here

2019 Luncheon Presentations

Carrin Patman, Board Chair, Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), November 21st presentation, MetroNext, A Transit Plan for Houston’s Future, is available herePDF 

Dr. Prakash Khedun and Alan Lewis, Texas A&M University, October 17th presentation, VWaterSmart Program - Increasing the Efficiency of Outdoor Water Use, is available herePDF

Tom Martens, Senior Principal, Terracon, September 19th presentation, Developing Over Oilfields - The Inevitable Collisio, is available herePDF

Michael Honeycutt, Director of Toxicology Program, TCEQ, July 18th presentation, Environmental Regulatory Update, is available herePDF

Todd Running, HGAC, June 20th presentation, Overview of the 2019 Clean River Basins Report, is available here PDF

Alan Black, Director of Operations, Harris County Flood Control District (HCFCD), May 16th presentation, HCFCD Activities Post Harvey, is available herePDF

Scott Jones, Director of Advocacy, The Galveston Bay Foundation, February 21st presentation, USACE Coastal Texas Protection and Restoration Feasibility Study; an overview and findings by the Galveston Bay Foundation, is available herePDF

Nathan Suttle, VRX, March 21st presentation, The Construction General Permit: Why the permit matters and what's new, is available herePDF

Michael J. Turco, General Manager, Houston-Galveston and Fort Bend Subsidence Districts, January 17th presentation, The Past, Present and Future of Subsidence in Houston Area, is available herePDF

2018 Luncheon Presentations


Travis McGuire, GSI Environmental Inc., February 15th presentation, Data Mining 235 Chlorinated Solvent Sites to Evaluate Remediation Performance and Costs, is available herePDF

Amanda Hackney, Black Cat GIS and Biological Services, March 15th presentation, Reducing Marine Debris From the Bayou City to the Bays: The Greater Houston-Galveston Trash-Based Aquatic Action Plan, is available herePDF

Ashley E. Jones, M.A., RPA, April 19th presentation, Employing Non-Invasive Remote Sensing Technologies in Cultural Resource Investigations, is available herePDF

Bruce Riffel, Clean Harbors, May 24th presentation, U.S. EPA e-Manifest Program, is available herePDF

Lisa Gonzalez, President, Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), June 21st presentation, Resilience in a Post Harvey Houston, is available herePDF

Mike Allison, Raptor Aerial Services, August 23rd presentation, Drones - A New Tool for the Environmental Professional, is available herePDF

Jackie Young, Texas Health and Environment Alliance, September 20th presentation, Historical Overview and Future Outlook for the San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund Site, is available herePDF

Lester O. King, PHD., AICP, LEED, Rice University, October 18th presentation, Sustainable Development and Management of Floodplains in Urban Areas: A Comparative Analysis of Brays Bayou and Buffalo Bayou, is available herePDF

Robert R. Rodriguez, Marine Chemists of Galveston, LLC, November 15th presentation, Marine Chemist: Protecting People, Productivity, Property, and Profit, is available herePDF

2017 Luncheon Presentations


Rachel Turney-Work, Enercon Services, Inc., January 19th presentation, Geospatial Data Solutions for Site and Corridor Siting Projects, is available herePDF


Scott Jones, Galveston Bay Foundation, February 16th presentation, Storm Surge Mitigation Concepts for the Houston-Galveston Area, is available here PDF


David Lehmann, Technical Services Director at G2-IS, March 16th presentation, Hazardous Liquid Pipelines and Public Drinking Water Supplies: Managing Risk, Dollars, and Sense, is available here PDF 


Karl Mueller, Environmental Manager, Refinery Specialties, Inc, April 20th presentation, Harmful Algal Blooms:  Nature, Occurrence, and Regulatory Outlook is available here PDF 


Joy Young, Oak Advising and Consulting, May 18th Presentation, Environmental Liability Estimates for Financial Reporting, is available here  PDF


Tom McHugh, GSI Environmental, August 17th Presentation, Silencing the Noise: New Technology to Obtain Time-Itegrated Average Groundwater Concentration Over Months, is available herePDF

Margaret Roy, Pastor Behling & Wheeler, LLC,
November 16th Presentation, Status of Ecological Risk Assessment in Texas: On-Line Tools for Project Planning, Assessment and Decision Making, is available herePDF


2016 Luncheon Presentations


Jayson Hudson, Regulatory Project Manager at U. S. Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District, January 21st presentation, Update on Galveston District Mitigation Practices, is available herePDF.


John V. Fontana, PG, President and CEO, Vista GeoScience, February 18th presentation, High-Resolution Remedial Design Characterization and In-Situ Remediation Technologies Combined to Clean-Up Sites the First Time – It’s a Contact Sport, is available herePDF



Dr. Eduardo Olaguer, Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), March 17th presentation, HARC: Overview of the Benzene and Other Toxics (BEE-TEX) Field Study, is available herePDF



Jed AndersonAttorney, The AL Law Group PLLC, April 21st presentation, Environmental Regulatory ‘Over-Compliance’ Costing Texas Industry $ Millionsis available for download herePDF



Michael F. BloomPE, ENV SP, BCEE, R. G. Miller Engineers, Inc., May 19th presentation, Overview of “ENVISION” A Sustainability Rating System for Infrastructure Project, is available herePDF



Holly ReedManaging Director, External Affairs, Texas Central Partners, LLC., June 16th presentation, High-Speed Rail Corridor Project from Houston to N. Texasis available herePDF



Heather Woodward, CHMM, REM; Technical Director W&M Environmental Group, August 18th presentation, Solid and Hazardous Waste - New Hazardous Secondary Material Ruleis available herePDF



Poonam R. Kulkarni, P.E. Environmental Engineer, GSI Environmental Inc., September 15th presentation, Thermal Monitoring of Natural Source Zone Depletion (NSZD), is available herePDF



Deborah January-Bevers, President and CEO Houston Wilderness, October 20th presentation, 
Gulf-Houston Regional Conservation Plan is available herePDF soon


Jayson Hudson, USACE, November 17th presentation, Nationwide's, Banks and More...A Cornucopia of Regulatory Updates from the Galveston District is available herePDF



2015 Luncheon Presentations


Joy Young, Lead Environmental Specialist with Deloitte, January 15th presentation, Navigating Pitfalls in Estimating Costs of Environmental Remediation Liabilities for Financial Reporting Purposes, is available herePDF. (presentation removed at author's request)

Hans Honerlah,program manager and health physicist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District, February 19th presentation, The STURGIS Decommissioning Project, is available herePDF

Lisa Gonzalez, VP and COO of Houston Advanced Research Center (HARC), March 19th presentation, The Galveston Bay Report Card, is available here.

Mr. Brian Cowan, Project Manager/Hydrogeologist, P.G., May 21st presentation, Freshwater Mussels & Zebra Mussels in Texas: Regulatory, Environmental, and Engineering Considerations, is available herePDF.

Scott Cameron, Former Assistant Director of Water Infrastructure in the Australian Government Environmental Department, June 18th presentation, Introduction to the Murray-Darling Basin Plan: The Australian Government’s Largest Investment in Environmental Management, is available herePDF.

Elizabeth Hendler (8-hour Ozone SIP Coalition) and Rohit Sharma (Lyondell Basell),July 15th Joint Meeting with A&WMA, An Analysis of EPA¿s 2015 Ozone Standard Proposal, is available herePDF.

Dr. Kathleen Garland, University of Houston Clear Lake, August 20th presentation, Remedial Options at the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund Site: An Analysis of Similar Sites, is available herePDF.


Marina V. Badoian-Kriticos, Senior Advisor, Office of Sustainability, City of Houston, September 17th presentation, City of Houston – Sustainability Update, is available herePDF.

Lauren K. Valastro, Attorney with Jackson, Gilmour, & Dobbs, PC, November 19th presentation, Surviving a Deposition, is available herePDF.


2014 Luncheon Presentations


Carolyn White, Project Manager and Stephen Benigno, Site Stabilization and Revegetation Coordinator, Harris County Flood Control District, October 14th presentation, Remnant Prairie Reclamation in an Urban Landscape, is available here.

David Lyon, Scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund,  November 20th presentation, Methane Emissions from the Natural Gas Supply Chain, is available soon.

John Jacobi, P.E., J.D. VP/Principal G2 Partners, September 18th presentation, Pending Pipeline Safety Regulations, is available by emailing John Jacobi here.

Jennifer Clancey, Program Manager for Brownfields, City of Houston, August 21 presentation, Environmental Tools to Redevelop the City of Houston, was removed due to a copyright issue.

Ramiro Garcia Jr., Deputy Director of TCEQ Office of Compliance and Enforcement, July 17 presentation, Annual Regulatory Update, is available for download herePDF.


Petty Officer Braedon Burleson with US Coast Guard, Incident Management Division, June 19 presentation, USCG Marine Environmental Protection Progr, is available for download herePDF. 


Dr. W.C. "Rusty" Riese, May 15, presentation, Climate  Change Facts and Fictions, is available for download here


Tina Walker and Dr. Carrie Bradford, Texas Department of State Health, Health Assessment and Toxicology Program, March 20, 2014 presentation, Current Work Regarding the San Jacinto Waste Pits Superfund Program, is available for download herePDF.

Jayson Hudson (USACE Galveston District), February 20, 2014 presentation, Regulating Water Resource Projects, is available for download herePDF.

Scott Jones, Director of Advocacy, Galveston Bay Foundation, January 14, 2014 presentation, Storm Surge Mitigation: Status and Questions, is available for download herePDF.




2013 Luncheon Presentations


Beryl Thatcher, TCEQ's Air Permits Chemical Section Chief, July 26 presentation, Current TCEQ Air Permitting Activities, is available for download herePDF.

Dr. William Merrell, George P Mitchell Chair at Texas A&M Galveston, June 20 presentation, The Ike Dike – A Coastal Storm Surge Barrier for the Houston/Galveston Region, is available for download here2010 pptx

Michael Hawthorne, P.G., H2A Environmental, May 16 presentation, Applying LNAPL transmissivity at Texas refineries to improve NAPL management under TRRP-32, is available for download herePDF

Dr. Loren Raun and Don Richner, April 18 presentation, Metal Recyclers in the Houston area and recent findings from air sampling conducted by the Bureau of Pollution Control and Prevention, is available for download herePDF

Margaret Roy, URS, March 21 presentation, Practice of Ecologic Risk Assessment in Texas, is available for download herePDF

Additional Weblinks

This is the link to the ecological risk assessment program at the TCEQ:

At the bottom of the general page you will find the following link that will take you to all kinds of useful links:

Also mentioned was a presentation by Vicki Reat given to the Industry Council on the Environment (ICE). Link to Vicki’s presentation on TRRP-15E:

Pam Passo, February 21 presentation, Environmental crimes and enforcement in the Houston area, is available for download herePDF

Madeline Woods, January 17 presentation Pollution Insurance programs for managing environmental risk and liabilities, is available for download herePDF

2012 Luncheon Presentations

Rudy Bueno, Jr.,  November 15 presentation, West Nile Virus:  Are we going back to the beginning? is available for download herePDF

Jedediah Greenfield, September 20 presentation, Brownfields: The Art and Science of Redevelopment, is available for download
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Dr. W.C. 'Rusty" Riese August 16 presentation, Oil Spills, Ethics, and Sociey: How they intersect and where the responsibilities reside,  is available for download 
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Jayson Hudson's June 21 presentation, Galveston District Interim Stream Tool – Lessons Learned a Year Later, is available for download 


Danielle Forget-Shield's April 19 presentation, "Let's Talk Some Trash, a discussion of landfill and waste issues, is available for dowload herealt


Dr. Scott Dwyer's February 16 presentation, Risk Assessment 101, is available for download herealt


Dr. Charles Newell's January 19 presentationChanging Groundwater Contamination Paradigms is available for download here alt


2011 Luncheon Presentations


Dr. Rifai's November 18 presentation, "Dioxin and PCB Contaminationin the HSC and Galveston Bay: Past, Present, and Future" is available for download here alt.


Curt Johnson's June 17 meeting presentations may be downloaded here:

 Flexible Permit Audit Program alt


 Audit Reporting to Management - 2010 alt


Jayson Hudson's presentation, "Mitigation in a Modern World, or 33 CFR 332 and You," is available for download here alt


Austin Subchapter's November meeting presentation, "Sustainability and Historic Preservation," presented by Meghan Kleon of the Universiy of Texas, is available herealt


TAEP's October meeting presentation, "Permitting MSS Emissions: Where are we and Where are we going?" presented by Teresa Hurley of the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, is available herealt


TAEP's August meeting presentation, "How ITRC Reduces Regulatory Barriers to the Use of Innovative Environmental Approaches," presented by Sriram Madabhushi of Booz Allen Hamilton, is available here alt


The Austin Subchapter's July meeting presentation, "Transit and the Environment in Central Texas," presented by Todd Hemingson of Capital Metro, is available here alt.


The April meeting presentation, "Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS)", presented by Jay LeGros, Jr., of the Department of Homeland Security, is available upon request by email.


Lance Wenmoh's February 2009 presentation, CREZ: An Overview, is available here alt.


Dianna Noble's January 2009 presentations are available by clicking on each link:

Report on Economic Recovery Plan

 The American Recovery and Reinvestment Program alt

 TxDOT Stimulus Legislation Infrastructure and Texas alt


Mike Turco's November 2008 presentation, Mapping Hurricane Inland Storm Tides - Documenting the Magnitude and Timing of Huricane Storm Surge, is available herealt


Andy Wilson's October 2008 presentation, The Pickens Plan and the Way Forward, is available herealt


Bob Schick's August 2008 presentation, Current Climate Change Legislation in the United States, is available herealt


Carl Masterson's June 2008 presentation, Bacteria Reduction Implementation Plan - How We Got Where We Are, is available herealt


Teresa Hurley's May 2008 meeting presentation, Changes to Tank Degassing and Cleaning Rules, is available for download herealt

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Please contact us at here if you desire copies of any presentations from ECIC07.


2007 TAEP Annual Award Winners

Clarence Gray's November 15, 2007, meeting presentation, Small Business and Local Government Assistance, is available for downloadhere.


Ceil Price's October 18, 2007, meeting presentation, Municipal Setting Designations, A New Approach for Houston, is available here. The photographs in this presentation are being used for illustration only and should not be taken as an endorsement by the City of any application it may submit to the City or to TCEQ to obtain an MSD or for any other regulatory or statutory purpose. The link to Public Works' MSD-specific site is:

Jayson Hudson's September 20, 2007, Meeting Presentation, CWA Update on Rapanos

Bryan J. Moore's May 17, 2007, Meeting Presentation, Important Changes to RCRA Solid and Hazardous Waste Definitions

Atiq Sediqi's January 18 Regulatory Update

Scott Deatherage and Brendan Lowrey's Presentation (Value Transforming Potential: Municipal Setting Designations and Development of Contaminated Properties)

Proclamation of Environmental Professionals Week

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