The Texas Association of Environmental Professionals (TAEP) is the premier organization for environmental professionals in the State of Texas. One of the primary aims of TAEP is the advancement of the environmental profession and the establishment of a forum to discuss important environmental issues.


Previous Luncheon Meeting Presentations


Hans Honerlah, program manager and health physicist for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Baltimore District, February 19th presentation,The STURGIS Decommissioning Project, is available herePDF

Joy Young, Lead Environmental Specialist with Deloitte, January 15th presentation, Navigating Pitfalls in Estimating Costs of Environmental Remediation Liabilities for Financial Reporting Purposes, is available herePDF

David Lyon, Scientist with the Environmental Defense Fund,  November 20th presentation, Methane Emissions from the Natural Gas Supply Chain, is available here. (soon)PDF

Carolyn White, Project Manager and Stephen Benigno, Site Stabilization and Revegetation Coordinator, Harris County Flood Control District, October 14th presentation, Remnant Prairie Reclamation in an Urban Landscape, is available here.PDF

John Jacobi, P.E., J.D. VP/Principal G2 Partners, September 18th presentation, Pending Pipeline Safety Regulations, is available by emailing John Jacobi here.

Older Luncheon Meeting Presentations can be found on our Archives page.



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May Luncheon Meeting

Thursday, May 21st Luncheon Meeting

11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Speaker: Mr. Brian Cowan, with Zara Environmental

 Topic:  Freshwater Mussels & Zebra Mussels in Texas: Regulatory; Environmental, and Engineering Considerations 

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