Membership Categories

There are several different groups of people in the TAEP Database.  There are different types of membership plus a group of people that simply want to remain informed of TAEP Activities and Events.

If you are interested in becoming a member, decide which category would apply to you and click on the link below under Membership Application to apply online.  Or you can click on the following download link for a Word version that can be complete electronically.  A check can be sent to the TAEP mailing address with the completed form.  If you have any questions about membership, send a message to the Membership Director at

If you want to Renew your membership please go to the Membership Renewal page and click the link for the online form.

General Membership    $50 - Click here for the General Membership Form
General Membership requires an appropriate educational background and three (3) years of experience and is open to all persons who have been engaged in work directly related to environmental management, environmental marketing, impact assessment, environmental protection or environmental compliance. Only General Members may vote and can be elected to the Board of Directors.


Associate/Spouse Membership    $30 - Click here for the Associate/Spouse Membership Form
Associate Membership is open to those who do not meet the General Membership requirements and to other individuals who are interested in environmental issues, ideas or technology. Examples would be environmental professionals who do not have 3 years experience (i.e. YEP – Young Environmental Professionals), those in another profession but wish to keep up with environmental issues as a member, or General Member Spouses who wish to attend events at a discounted price.  Associate Members may not vote or be elected to the Board of Directors.


Regulatory Membership    $25 - Click here for the Regulatory Membership Form
Regulatory membership is available to those employed in the public sector who meet the requirements of General Membership.


Student Membership    $25 - Click here for the Student Membership Form
Student Membership is offered to full-time students who are actively pursuing an environmentally related career at an accredited college or university. Full-time registration is considered to be the pursuit of at least nine (9) hours of credits. Student membership is granted up to 3 years after graduation.  Student members may not vote or be elected to the Board of Directors.


Alumni/Senior Membership   $25 - Click here for the Alumni/Senior Membership Form
Alumni members have the same benefits of a General Membership at a discount price if they have retired from the industry.  Senior members curently working in the environmental industry have the same benefits of a General Membership at a discounted price if they meet the requirements and are age 65 or older.


Corporate/Non-Profit Membership  $200 - Click here for the Corporate/Non-Profit Membership form
Corporate/Non-Profit Membership applies to members from the same organization.  Eligible organizations are a company, non-profit organization, government agency, college, university, or other entity supportive of the environmental profession.  Up to 5 members from this member organization need to be registered in the TAEP database and may attend events at the event Member price.  A Primary Contact is required to be designated on this form.  All members included in this membership type should submit a completed membership application to indicate new or renewal status under this group membership.  The Primary Contact will receive information sent to the TAEP membership which may be distributed to employees of the member organization and is eligible to vote in TAEP elections provided that they meet the requirements of General Membership.


Basic Contacts (Mailing List)

This category includes those who do not wish to join or do not qualify in one of the categories above.  If you want to receive the various communications from TAEP, you can contact the Membership Director at and request addition to the database to receive communications from one or more of the mailing lists below:

TAEP - All News and Events

YEP (Young Environmental Professionals, a subgroup of TAEP) - Monthly Social/Networking Events


National Membership

The national organization is called NAEP (National Association of Environmental Professionals). For more information about this organization and membership for NAEP, please visit

National members who wish to continue to pay both national and local dues through the National headquarters may continue to do so when they receive their membership renewal notice for NAEP. However, the TAEP Board highly encourages National members to pay their local dues directly to the TAEP on a calendar basis to insure that the local chapter has a timely record of your membership status for the general meetings, to reduce the local paperwork, and to assist in dues tracking.


Please be sure that we have your current and preferred mailing address and e-mail address. If you have changed any of your contact information in the last year please update your profile in the Members Area of the TAEP web site. Please contact TAEP via e-mail if you have any problems accessing the Members Area.