ECIC 2017 Keynote Speaker

 John Lienhard


Dr. John H. Lienhard
Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and History
University of Houston


John Lienhard is an Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, and of History, at the University of Houston. He is known internationally for his work in the thermal sciences and is a member of the National Academy of Engineers. He is also the founder of The Engines of Our Ingenuity which is heard on Public Radio Stations nationally.

This popular radio series tells the story of human invention and creativity in 3½-minute essays. The stories center on engineering and technology, but also venture freely into mathematics, science, literature, medicine, music, art and other areas. First aired on January 4, 1988, the show has produced upwards of 3,000 episodes.

Dr. Lienhard's show sponsors annual monetary awards for full-time undergraduate students attending the University of Houston. More information, free publications and "Extras for Enginerds" can be found online at