2018 Board of Directors Annual Elections


It’s time for our annual TAEP Board of Director Elections, and we’d like your nominations for your board.

Board members hold staggered three-year terms unless an interim election is held to replace a member who has stepped down.  The nominating committee tries to balance the slate of nominees so that the board represents all types of environmental professionals‹, including industry, consulting, regulatory, academic, and nonprofit. Nominations are complied by the Nominating Committee, vetted, and then developed into a ballot of at least four candidates. Board members are elected at large from the nominees on the ballot. Once the election is over, the incoming and outgoing board members meet and new members volunteer for board assignments such as President, Secretary, Programs, Scholarships, etc. Continuing board members generally get to choose which positions they want (or want to keep) and then new members discuss and agree on who will take on the remaining tasks.

Board members run TAEP by setting the organization's goals and working on various committees as well as attending general meetings and networking with the membership. Time commitment ranges from 2-10 hours per month, not including attendance at luncheons or other events. Decisions are generally made by consensus of the board, rather than by voting. Board members support each other wherever possible in order to make the organization run smoothly and not overburden any single individual.

Please consider either running for the board, or nominating someone else! You can immediately self-nominate by sending your name to Kathy Garland at [email protected]. If you’d like to nominate someone else, please check with that person first to be sure they are willing, and then send that person’s name to Kathy. As a reminder, candidates for the board must be general members of TAEP to be considered.  Once submitted, the nominating committee will take it from there! 

Many thanks for you ongoing support of our profession!

TAEP Board of Directors